At XC camp until Friday!! My first workout on Monday went really, really well. Today we have a 5k time trial and I’m a little bit nervous!!!


to another season of team pasta dinners, double knotted laces, prs, planks, muddy legs, sock tans, and the best times of our lives. 

Been laying around for a couple hours but I need to get on the bike for a while before it gets too hot outside. Maybe I’ll ride a different trail today???
Also, camp starts on sunday!!!!!! Then my posts will actually be interesting as I start racing at the end of the month :)


if someone can’t wake up early to watch you race, then they don’t deserve you

Hashtag best run ever
Not quite, but my 5 miles felt great this morning. Kind of inconsistent pace but compared to yesterday’s run it was awesome. I think I’m ready for the season!
Ps. This 25 mpw thing is so much better than 60 mpw omg.

"These first few runs back from injury bordered on religious experiences. I realized what a profound impact running has had on my life and that it would always be a part of me. Running connects me with nature, my church. It gives my life structure and meaning, things that are essential for happiness. Running enhances every moment of life; it makes food taste better, it makes a cold beer more delicious, it even makes sleep more enjoyable."

Yay for ending the week on the bike, and on a positive note 👏

"If you start running against her, you’ll lose. You have to run against you."
Coach Ogden, Danbury Girls Indoor Track and Field assistant coach (via lyra280)

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fall season goals:

~25:00 6k. this is what i’ve been striving for since last year. it’s a lofty goal, considering my PR is 28:14, but why shouldn’t i aim high???

~work on form and cadence during all my runs. 

~continue to make time for core and hip work, as well as recovery stretching and rolling. once the workouts start, i need to be recovering correctly.


~get ripped! we’re actually doing a lifting program this season and i want to see progress that will help me during the second half of the season.

~have fun with my sophomore year, but remember how much work i’m putting into running. so, enough sleep, and prioritize running and school over fun activities.

I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE SEASON! i am more determined than i ever have been to make this season my breakthrough. i have been coasting my entire running career but this year i’m willing to work hard every day, mentally and physically, to reach my time goals, and become an entirely new runner. i want to be an integral part of my college team. and i want to do this for myself, to prove that hard work can overcome lack of talent. 

let’s do this. one week until season opener!