Run Like You Stole Something Run Like You Stole Something
photo credit: Scott Jurek
Anton Krupicka
why do you love running/cross country/track?

i’m doing a project for school. help me out?

first meet today :S

i’m going for top ten and under 18:00. it’s a hot, flat course, and it’s supposed to be 83 degrees and thunderstorms this evening. i hope it doesn’t get cancelled, all my mental preparation will be for naught.

i’m just gonna go all out, it’s my last chance running this race. no excuses, no regrets. race without fear.

ice bath time!!

first meet is tomorrow and i’m feeling sore from our intervals yesterday. therefore, i’m going to go sit in my bathtub in 45 degree water!

i love cross country.


Keep it dirty!
When I turn on the TV to the Olympics hoping to see Track and Field


But it’s synchronized swimming instead

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ran about 2 miles today, which was NOT the plan. it’s just one of those days when i feel like not running at all, you know? sometimes, once i start running i’m fine, but today was just the opposite of fine. 

at least i got out for a little while.

it’s hot here.


first track meet tomorrow!!

i’m running the mile and 4x400… and throwing disc.

this should be fun. i’m ready to kick some butt.

and the next day i’m leaving for a band field trip! great week!