fall season goals:

~25:00 6k. this is what i’ve been striving for since last year. it’s a lofty goal, considering my PR is 28:14, but why shouldn’t i aim high???

~work on form and cadence during all my runs. 

~continue to make time for core and hip work, as well as recovery stretching and rolling. once the workouts start, i need to be recovering correctly.


~get ripped! we’re actually doing a lifting program this season and i want to see progress that will help me during the second half of the season.

~have fun with my sophomore year, but remember how much work i’m putting into running. so, enough sleep, and prioritize running and school over fun activities.

I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE SEASON! i am more determined than i ever have been to make this season my breakthrough. i have been coasting my entire running career but this year i’m willing to work hard every day, mentally and physically, to reach my time goals, and become an entirely new runner. i want to be an integral part of my college team. and i want to do this for myself, to prove that hard work can overcome lack of talent. 

let’s do this. one week until season opener!

so i looove love love track, and i’m going to miss it so much, but i am absolutely excited for xc to start. soft trails, nature, long summer runs, running through the mud… nothing can compare to xc.

tomorrow is the first day of summer training! 

yayay my week (and a half) break is over, and now it’s time to do some serious work. this past track season was great to recover and get over my lingering injuries, but as soon as i’ve eased into training, it’ll be time for some serious milage and strength work. the only thing i have to do this summer is work and train, and that’s what i’ll be doing. none of this, sit-on-my-ass-and-watch-netflix thing, i’m done with that guilt-filled lifestyle. 

woooooooo so excited and also slightly dreading the responsibility i’m placing on myself….

last home meet and regular season meet EVER tomorrow. :’)

so glad i’m running in college so i don’t have to say goodbye to CC yet.

reppin drummond XC in my senior pics :)

reppin drummond XC in my senior pics :)

having some legit running withdrawals..

i have tendonitis in my foot and i haven’t run in four days. FOUR DAYS. in preseason!

so, that’s probably going to be a problem down the road a month or so. especially because i can’t run until i’m painfree, which probably won’t be for two weeks. :(((

i hate injuries, so much.

first meet today :S

i’m going for top ten and under 18:00. it’s a hot, flat course, and it’s supposed to be 83 degrees and thunderstorms this evening. i hope it doesn’t get cancelled, all my mental preparation will be for naught.

i’m just gonna go all out, it’s my last chance running this race. no excuses, no regrets. race without fear.